SnapDog Designs, creators of high quality, fashionable, functional solutions for dog handling, in

the show ring or at the park.

Multiple styles of Bait Bags and Treat Pouches for confirmation, obedience, agility and dog training sessions, offered in a wide array of options to suit your style.

Our Armbands, Bait Bags and Treat Pouches aim to make dog handling….well…handier.


Professional Handler, Rosa Galluccio, Naples, Italy, wearing our Shorty Bait Bag.
Professional Handler, Rosa Galluccio, with Collie

SnapDog Designs Pochettes (Little Pockets) are available in several styles including: 

  • Classic Pochette Treat Pouch: (w/belt clip)
  • Shoulder Strap Pochette: ( w/strap, no clip)
  • Two-Way Pochette: (w/belt clip & detachable shoulder strap)
  • Show Ring Bait Bags: in pin on or clip-on styles from traditional envelope style to our updated designs.
  • Armband Bait Bags
  • Comb Keeper Armbands

Comb Keeper with number clip!

Extra-strong rare earth magnets hold your comb firmly in place while hardy metal clip allows for easy stacking or switching of show numbers. More Info Click Here

The Tab Bag measures 

4″ W x 3″ D


At Snapdog Designs we have many different style options that are upscale, well-crafted, and easy-to-use. 

Why keep treats/bait in your pockets, when you can use our attractive products? 



We Offer Several Arm Band Options as Well as Bait Bags:

Armband Bait Bag Combo $24.99

Comb Keeper W/Number Clip $15.99

Armband Bait Bag $19.99